This program focuses on providing intervention which allows children to better integrate sensory messages.

sensory learning centerSensory Learning Program is a 30-day program which requires the first 12 days to be consecutive days in the clinic. During those 12 days using a computerized light instrument with a custom designed motion table and specially modulated music, the child will receive re-training of the vision, balance, and auditory systems.

light instrumentVisual Evoked Stimulus
Using a custom designed computerized light instrument, the client will receive colors throughout the visual spectrum as follows:

magenta – ruby – red – yellow green – blue green – violet

The light pulses on and off slowly, about 6 times a minute. This helps restore the visual system’s receptivity to each part of the visual color spectrum.

young girlAuditory retraining
After a listening profile is performed, the child will receive modulated music based on their individual needs. This is applied through headphones that the client wears while going through the program.

relaxing tableVestibular Stimulation (balance)
It uses a custom designed motion table to deliver relaxing movement in a reclined position.

There is a two 30-minute session daily separated by at least 3 or 4 hours for twelve consecutive days. Twenty four total sessions. Eighteen day home program with the portable light instrument.

One 6- minute session daily for twelve consecutive days. Eighteen day home program with the portable light instrument.

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