Kids SPOT offers outpatient programs and services, and wellness initiatives to help your child.

We provide quality therapeutic programs to children from ages birth to 21 years old, with learning delays or challenges. Our patients benefit from an integrated and comprehensive care in an outpatient setting. To guarantee better results and patient outcomes, we personalize our treatment plans according to the child’s lifestyle, health requirements, and personal demands.

During the course of care, our pediatric specialists will develop a treatment plan, including a carry-over at home system to integrate the interventions into the child’s day-to-day living at home.

Here are the services we offer:

smiling children

ABA Therapy

Help your child decrease problem behavior and improve beneficial skills.

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smiling child and young woman

Speech Therapy

Help your child improve their communication abilities.

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man assisting the child

Physical Therapy

Enhance the full body function of your child.

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teacher helping the girl to study

Occupational Therapy

Make your child master their everyday living skills.

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You can set an appointment to personally discuss further your child’s treatment plan. You may also leave your questions in our contact us page.