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If you are a diagnosing Physician looking to refer your patients, there are a few ways you can contact us. Please call 833-543-7768, email, fax 1-305-675-2778, or fill out the form below.

    Kids SPOT is the leading provider of comprehensive pediatric therapy services in multiple states. Our team of pediatric specialists provides personalized therapy services for children with developmental delays and a wide range of disabilities to help them reach their full potential. 

    For over 15 years, our team of experts has provided quality therapeutic programs to children from birth to 21 years old.

    Overview of Referral System

    If you are a diagnosing Physician looking to refer your patients, there are a few ways you can contact us. Please call 833-543-7768, email, fax 1-305-675-2778, or fill out the form below.

    Kids’ Therapy Services

    Kids SPOT offers abroad suite of comprehensive therapy treatment services for your child, including:

    • Pediatric speech therapy: Speech therapy helps improve communication between the brain and body through auditory and visual aids, such as tape recorders and mirrors. The treatment also uses breathing exercises to improve fluency and the coordination of speech muscles.
    • Pediatric physical therapy: Our Physical Therapists can help your child improve their mobility and coordination, as well as develop the ability to crawl, kneel and stand to a greater degree.
    • Pediatric occupational therapy: Our pediatric occupational therapy services can improve a child’s ability to enhance daily living skills, develop fine motor coordination, engage in age-appropriate play and self-regulate their attention. Our occupational therapists (OTs) help children improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily lives at home and school. 
    • ABA therapy for kids: ABA therapy is different from other therapies in that it is specialized to the child, generally more time-intensive and holistic and focused on addressing behaviors. ABA helps kids make new friends while encouraging them to improve their skills in areas such as self-care, social, reading, learning and communication skills. This type of pediatric therapy provides parents with the training necessary to teach their children how to interact with others in a mutually beneficial way. 

    What Differentiates Kids SPOT?

    In providing in-house, in-community and clinic options to assist in child development, our team is committed to meeting the personal demands and health requirements of our pediatric patients and their families.

    Kids SPOT is a unique, innovative pediatric therapy provider offering holistic services for children currently throughout Florida and Texas. While many providers focus on one to two types of therapies, we focus on four — and we’re still expanding! We are truly a comprehensive source for families looking to encourage their kids to thrive through every stage of development. 

    Using our multidisciplinary and individualized approach to therapy services, our team can work with children with cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a wide range of other disabilities. 

    We create a cohesive development experience that empowers your child’s growth while finding solutions that deliver the best clinical outcomes.

    Contact Kids SPOT to Submit Referrals for Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy Services Today 

    Comprehensive pediatric therapy services like speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and ABA therapy may have a significant impact on helping your child reach their full potential.

    At Kids SPOT, our team is always ready to meet with you to answer any questions you may have. You may also book an appointment today or reach out online to learn more. Please visit our location page to find a branch near you.