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Behavioral Pediatric Therapy in Miami, Florida

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At Kids SPOT, we understand the needs of children with developmental, behavioral, and physical challenges. Our expert pediatric therapists work to improve your child’s skills, physical health and other areas of their development that need specialized attention. Our unique, comprehensive model allows our therapists to work seamlessly in delivering multidisciplinary care with strong outcomes.

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Visit Our Location in Miami, FL

12448 SW 127th Ave, 2nd Floor, Miami, Florida 33186

(305) 255-5980

Mon-Thurs: 8:30am-7:00pm
Fri: 8:30am-5:30pm
Sat: 8:30am-2:30pm

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If you have a child that needs pediatric developmental therapy in Miami, Florida, you can visit our office at 12448 SW 127th Ave., Second Floor, Miami, FL, 33186. Our experienced therapists will assess your child’s condition and provide a personalized treatment plan to address their specific needs.

Developmental Therapy in Miami, FL

Our experienced therapists provide treatments for a wide range of physical and developmental challenges that are made to address those conditions effectively. Kids SPOT pediatric therapists offer the following services:

  • Speech therapy: Our pediatric speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can help improve the communication and cognitive skills of children with impaired speech or swallowing capabilities. Our experienced SLPs specialize in giving children assessments, diagnoses and personalized treatments to address various speech-related disorders.
  • Physical therapy: We provide physical therapy for children with injuries or issues with movement due to a disease, illness or disability. Our pediatric physical therapists develop customized treatment plans to help enhance your child’s range of motion, flexibility, strength and movement patterns. Treatment can also help ease the pain your child may experience due to an illness or injury.
  • Occupational therapy: Our pediatric occupational therapists use techniques and activities to improve your child’s motor, cognitive and physical skills. The treatment plans we implement can increase your child’s self-esteem and encourage independence.
  • ABA therapy: At Kids SPOT, we use a play-based ABA therapy model, which makes developing new skills and learning more fun, keeping your child motivated and engaged during treatment. ABA Therapy has been proven to be highly effective in helping children with autism learn positive social behavior and develop language and communication skills.
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In-Network Insurance Partners

Kids SPOT accepts many Medicaid insurance plans and is in-network with several commercial insurance providers.

Our Pediatric Therapists

At Kids SPOT, we pride ourselves on having a compassionate and qualified team of therapists who specialize in the treatments we offer. Our staff is dedicated to providing care that can improve your child’s development and daily life. We also collaborate with you and your family to provide the best possible care for your child.

Our therapists are certified to provide services in various fields, including:


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Whether your child needs speech therapy, physical therapy, occupation therapy or ABA therapy services in Miami, Florida, you can count on pediatric experts at Kids SPOT to deliver high-quality care. We offer personalized, comprehensive treatment plans that can address the conditions your child may face, all in one place.

Contact us online to learn more about or services or request an appointment today.

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