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Welcome to Kids SPOT

We understand the emotional and intellectual efforts it takes to find your child the help and therapy they deserve. For this reason, we created Kids SPOT to be a comprehensive pediatric therapy organization for the sole purpose of bringing positive, lasting, life changing impacts for not only the child we serve but also for the entire family. By adopting a unique comprehensive therapy model, we are able to deliver better clinical outcomes by having seamless communication between all your child’s therapy providers across various disciplines.

We focus on providing outpatient comprehensive pediatric therapies to children affected by a wide range of developmental disabilities including Autism, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and many more! We live by our commitment and goal to help your precious little ones reach their full developmental potential by improving their health, body function, problem behavior and thus, giving them a higher level of independence and quality of life.

As such, we make sure that you take part in your child’s development for a better patient outcome by becoming your partner throughout this entire journey.

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Kids SPOT’s mission is to provide high-quality comprehensive therapy to children with learning delays, developmental disabilities, and physical disabilities to help them achieve a greater quality of life while benefitting the entire family.

About Us

We Offer the Following SERVICES

Each of our care programs is carefully designed in order to deliver the best possible treatment and support available. Learn more about what we can offer.

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ABA Therapy

Help your child decrease problem behavior and improve beneficial skills.

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Speech Therapy

Help your child improve their communication abilities.

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Physical Therapy

Enhance the full body function of your child.

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Occupational Therapy

Make your child master their everyday living skills.

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