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Pediatric Therapy Services in North Carolina

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Every child grows up differently, and if you find that yours needs some extra support, Kids SPOT wants to help. Our pediatric therapy services in North Carolina are designed to assist children from birth to age 21 dealing with developmental delays and neurodivergent conditions like autism. We want to see them thrive, and with a full staff of hundreds of professionals, we have the power to make it happen.

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Introducing the Kids SPOT Family of Companies

At Kids SPOT, we are constantly partnering with some of the top pediatric therapeutic centers in North Carolina and beyond. Together, we can give your child more resources, the most up-to-date information and personalized support. You can find our services throughout the state. Work with any of the facilities below to put your loved one on the path to success.

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Our Comprehensive Therapeutic Services

The Kids SPOT family of companies believes that every child should have access to the care they need to thrive. That’s why our centers offer a comprehensive, individualized approach to a range of therapy modalities, including:

  • Speech therapy: Speech therapy focuses on issues related to speaking and feeding. Dysfunction in these areas can affect physical and mental health. Our speech therapists will create a personalized plan for your child that’s focused on working past these challenges through feeding correction and alternative communication methods.
  • Physical therapy: Whether your child needs conditional physical therapy for a sports injury or ongoing support to help them build strength and mobility, Kids SPOT’s experienced physical therapists know how to make this modality fun and effective for children of any age.
  • Occupational therapy: Occupational therapists do it all — they help children tune their fine motor skills and complete daily activities with confidence. Children in occupational therapy will learn how to establish a routine to take care of themselves and make day-to-day life easier based on their strengths and growth areas.
  • ABA therapy: Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy lets kids do what kids do best — play! As they play, their therapist will work with them to build new personal and interpersonal skills to help them communicate better, gain independence and live a more satisfying life.

Meet the Team

Kids SPOT is constantly adding to our staff of more than 400 pediatric specialists and therapists. Our experts specialize in areas like orthotics and ABA therapy so we can treat any concern and help your child make the most of their life regardless of conditions that some think will hold them back. We’ve seen firsthand the difference adaptive therapy can make, and we can’t wait to see what our patients do with unconditional support and acceptance.

Get Started With Kids SPOT Today

Our pediatric therapy services are ideal for any North Carolina child who needs help with anything from bathing and getting dressed to connecting with others and building lasting relationships. If you’re ready to give your child more, schedule an appointment at one of our facilities today. You can also submit an online contact form to learn more about any of our therapies and how we create our personalized care plans.

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    Developmental Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

    Are You Accepting New Clients?

    With multiple locations throughout Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, our waitlist and onboarding process can vary depending on which center you’re interested in.

    We invite you to get in touch with us for the most up-to-date information on our current waitlists. We will always recommend a location nearest to you with the shortest waitlist or open availability.

    Which Insurances Are Accepted?

    We are in-network with most major commercial insurances and Medicaid. Once you complete the paperwork to apply for pediatric therapy services, we’ll let you know if your insurance is accepted.

    If you insurance is not accepted, we also offer private pay options to cover the cost of services.

    What is Pediatric Developmental Therapy?

    Pediatric therapy focuses on delivering a personalized approach that considers each child’s health requirements, personal demands and lifestyle.

    The different types of therapy that fall with pediatric developmental therapy include:

    Speech Therapy: This assists with disorders and delays in areas ranging from oral motor dysfunction to fluency/stuttering. It aims to address issues with speech, verbal and nonverbal language skills and swallowing irregularities.
    Physical therapy: Whether it’s sports injuries and pain or nerve, spine, brain or genetic disorders, physical therapy can help children restore function, mobility, balance and coordination.
    Occupational Therapy: Through occupational therapy, our therapists help children improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities. These capabilities help them more effectively perform tasks at home and at school and achieve greater independence.
    ABA Therapy: This therapy focuses on addressing and improving behaviors ranging from social skills to independent functioning abilities. At Kids SPOT, we take a play-based approach to ABA therapy, allowing kids to have fun and express themselves.

    How Long Does My Child Need Therapy Services?

    Because each child has different needs, therapy timelines can vary. We provide evaluations to develop individual treatment plans, and we offer reassessments during treatment.