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Pediatric Therapy in Maitland, Florida

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Visit One of Our Locations for Pediatric Therapy Services

Every child has different comfort levels when it comes to therapy services, so we offer the option for children to receive our services at home or on-site. We invite you to explore our locations to determine which of our many service areas work best for you and your child.

Our Pediatric Therapy Services in Maitland, Florida

Pediatric therapy can help your child reach developmental milestones and give them the tools they need for success. Our full range of pediatric therapy services in Maitland, Florida, include:

  • Speech therapy: If your child has difficulty speaking or is nonverbal, our speech therapy services can help them improve their skills or find other methods of communication, like sign language.
  • Physical therapy: Our physical therapy services can help your child restore function and improve mobility due to a developmental delay or play a role in the healing process after a sports injury. During a session, our therapists will have your child engage in age-appropriate exercises, or we will teach them how to use adaptive devices such as crutches or a wheelchair.
  • Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy helps children improve basic motor skills and reasoning to prepare them for school and daily life. We personalize every therapy session to encourage your child to build motor functions or find an alternative if they permanently lost a motor skill or movement ability.
  • ABA therapy: Our ABA therapy uses a play-based model to help children with developmental disabilities increase positive behaviors. Undergoing this treatment can also help your child enhance reading, communication and daily living skills like hygiene and dressing.
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Our Team of Therapists in Maitland, Florida

One of the many reasons so many parents in Maitland, Florida, choose us for therapy services is our highly trained and experienced staff. Positive relationships start with a solid foundation of trust, so we are completely transparent throughout the therapy process. Our team will communicate our treatment plans and offer the ability to collaborate on goals.

We pride ourselves on having some of the top speech-language pathologistsphysical therapistsoccupational therapists and ABA specialists on our staff to help your child build their skills. Our team members also participate in ongoing learning, so they always offer the most effective treatment methods possible.

In-Network Partners

Paying for therapy can be stressful, which is why we’re in-network with many major insurances and accept Medicaid. Explore our list of accepted insurances to learn more about our specific care and coverage options.

Contact Kids SPOT to Learn More

We at Kids SPOT understand that every child has different needs regarding their developmental, physical and emotional health, and that’s why we personalize all of our treatment plans. To find out more about our Maitland, Florida, pediatric therapy options or our specific approach to pediatric therapy, we invite you to complete our online contact form today!


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