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5 Brain Building Exercises To Do with Your Child

During your child’s toddler years, they develop their physical, motor and mental abilities, and brain games for children can help your toddler develop essential thinking skills while playing. For kids, brain-building exercises primarily focus on improving attention and memory, which can significantly benefit children who struggle with ADHD symptoms, learning or language.

5 Brain-Building Exercises to Do With Your Child

Exercises to build brain power for kids can be an excellent opportunity to engage in play with your child. These games also develop brain skills like communication, memory and spatial skills, which are most beneficial for toddlers who struggle with learning and language. The exercises encourage a natural learning process that children and adults enjoy.

Many children’s products and computer games advertise learning or brain training. However, knowing what will positively impact a child’s development is hard. Below are the five best mind games for kids that the whole family can do together.

1. Puzzles and Memory Games

Board puzzles or memory games with pictures are great for building your child’s brain. They will learn new words, improve their memory and heighten their spatial awareness. Encourage your child to remember animal sounds or point out specific objects or people in your household. This practice will help your child make language connections for different words and objects.

2. Obstacle Courses

You can build an obstacle course in your home from pillows, cushions and furniture. Sit on one side and encourage your child to navigate the course to get to you. This game allows children to gain motor skills and body awareness, essential early childhood skills.

3. Legos or Building Blocks

Construction toys encourage learning through spatial skills. Children can learn about shapes and how they fit together. These toys also build narrative skills as kids make stories about the structures they have built. They also encourage social interaction when used with other children.

child playing with letter blocks

4. Follow the Leader

Encourage your child to explore in the park or your yard and follow them. While they examine puddles, leaves, sticks or other parts of their environment, talk about their actions. By asking questions, you can teach your child new words and encourage them to communicate.

5. Hide and Seek

This game can help your child develop navigation and spatial skills. They can learn the layout of your house and think about likely places to hide. They’ll also have to figure out how to get to different locations inside the house. You can also encourage them to play games with friends to improve their memory and social skills.

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