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Guide to Early Intervention for Children’s Speech Therapy

Guide to Early Intervention for Children’s Speech Therapy

Children's Speech Therapy

Effective communication is essential for everyone. Speech plays a vital role in every child’s formative years, allowing them to express themselves. Speech-related issues can prohibit children from effective communication, often creating frustrating experiences that can be stressful or painful. Speech intervention can address these concerns and make a significant difference for your child. Identifying and […]

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Why Pediatric Therapy Services are Vital for Your Child’s Development

Child walking on balance beam at therapy
December 18, 2023

Pediatric therapy uses a scientific approach to focus on your child’s development and ongoing success. The treatment and strategies used can vary depending on the unique challenges presented and are positioned to give your child the best outcome. You should consider different factors when discovering you need help with your child. Children of differing ages […]

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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

speech therapy services
July 18, 2023

Proud parents may gush over their two-year-old’s baby talk, but if they are still using the same mispronunciations when they are four or five years old, something is probably off. It might be time to ask: does my child need speech therapy? The earlier your child is evaluated, the easier it will be to correct […]

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6 Speech Therapy Techniques to Try at Home

speech therapist

It’s exciting when your little ones start to talk and express themselves using sounds and new words. You can practice speech therapy techniques at home to encourage their talking and help them learn and develop language skills. Speech exercises are an excellent way to prepare your children with skills they’ll need for comprehension, articulation, and […]

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How To Make At-Home Oral Motor Activities Fun

Girl in Speech Therapy with Mom

A child who has difficulty with the coordination of their oral muscles like the tongue, lips, and jaw will have trouble producing speech and even the ability to eat and drink. There are lots of specialized exercises to help with these problems, but exercising doesn’t sound like fun, especially for a child. So let’s call […]

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9 Speech-Language Disorders Commonly Diagnosed in Kids

Child in speech therapy

Although every child will develop differently, there are times when a kid presents language challenges that may indicate a diagnosable disorder is present. In these scenarios, your child may have a speech or language — or both — disorder. Some of the most common speech disorders for kids include: 1. Preschool Language Disorders By preschool, […]

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5 Ways a Child Can Benefit From Speech Therapy

speech therapist with child

Sometimes a child’s development may include struggles with speaking or swallowing from an early age. Speech therapy offers many solutions, such as improving the verbal expression of language or articulation and providing a more comfortable way of life. In this post, we cover the different ways a child can benefit from speech therapy so that […]

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Speech Development Expectations: From Infancy to Preschool

child with speech therapist

Although every child learns to speak at his or her own pace, parents want to know if their child’s speech and language development is on the right track. There are general milestones that are helpful in understanding age-appropriate speech development expectations from infancy to preschool. These guidelines can help parents and other caregivers to know if […]

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Potential Signs of a Pediatric Speech Developmental Delay

children speech therapist with child patient
July 11, 2023

Seeing your child grow and develop is one of parenthood’s truest joys. Some children move through their milestones quickly, others take longer, and some need a little extra help to master each step. Learn about pediatric language delays, common milestones for your child’s first years, and signs they might need a helping hand. What Is […]

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