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Tips for Making Homework More Fun

tips to make homework more fun

If you’re wondering how to make your kids do their homework, try adding some fun to your weekly routine. School-aged children often find their take-home assignments less exciting than playing with toys or watching television. Because of this, it can be a real struggle for parents and guardians to get their children to sit down and focus.

Luckily, we have some homework tips and tricks for making it more engaging. When learning feels like playtime, children of all ages can be more cooperative and willing to get the work done.

10 tips to make homework fun for kids

10 Tips for Making Homework Fun for Kids

Consider the following tips to make homework fun for your child:

1. Work Together

After a long day at work and school, homework time can feel like a drag for both parents and children. Using this time to be productive is a great way to inspire your kids to complete their assignments. While your child sits at the table and begins their work for the evening, sit with them and check off some items on your to-do list, such as:

  • Returning emails
  • Answering text messages
  • Doing your online banking
  • Reading and sorting your mail
  • Paying bills

By working at the same time as your child, you can model how to focus on tasks that are not especially exciting. Plus, you will be there for them if they have questions about their work, and you get to spend extra quality time together.


2. Create a Study Group

Another way to make homework more fun is by creating a study group for your child. You can invite some of your kid’s classmates over for a homework session. The group can read together and assist each other with homework questions. There are many benefits of studying in a group environment, including the following:

  • Sharing common goals
  • Using each other’s strengths
  • Being accountable for more than one’s self
  • Hearing about concepts in multiple ways

If you have young children, lead the kids through the study group and keep them on track. For older children, you can be more hands-off.

3. Ensure Your Child Isn’t Hungry. Have a Snack!

Some believe a child’s attention span is their age multiplied by three or four minutes. That means a five-year-old child can focus on one task for around 17 minutes. And after a full day of school and activities, it can be even more challenging to focus for that amount of time.

Kids deal with many distractions, but being hungry does not have to be one of them. Have a healthy and delicious snack to eat before homework time, like the following:

  • Popcorn
  • Apple slices
  • Peanut butter
  • Bananas
  • Crackers
  • Sandwiches


4. Use Rewards and Incentives

If you don’t know how to motivate a child to do their homework, consider introducing rewards into your homework routine.

These incentives do not need to be big or expensive. The following can work wonders:

  • Stickers
  • Television shows
  • Time on their tablet
  • Video games
  • Treats

Having something fun to look forward to is a great motivator for children. They may be more inclined to focus on their assignments to get them done so they can have their reward, even if it is small.


5. Go Outside for a Change in Scenery

By the time kids come home from school, they have spent nearly all day inside. Switching it up can help incorporate some fun into homework time. Find an area outdoors that is not too distracting but still offers a pleasant environment for your child.

The fresh air can help improve concentration and increase productivity. During breaks, you can play a quick game or run around in the yard. These activities can be extra incentives for children.


6. Turn Homework Into a Game

By making homework into a game, children feel less like they are doing chores and more like they are having fun. Kids are more likely to remember information they learned while enjoying the process. But how do you incorporate fun into regular homework assignments?

Here are some ideas for how to make homework a game:

  • Use small toys or treats for solving math problems
  • Have them practice spelling using alphabet refrigerator magnets
  • Have kids write answers on a whiteboard


7. Create a Special Homework Space in Your Home

An awesome way of making homework more fun for kids is creating a special space in your home dedicated to doing schoolwork. Find an area with minimal distractions and foot traffic so they can focus on their assignments. Keep this space highly organized to save time finding materials like pencils or paper.

You can even make setting up the space a special activity for your kids. Allow them to decorate and personalize their area. A few DIY crafts can go a long way. The ultimate goal is to make it a place they enjoy spending time in.


8. Make Homework Time Part of a Routine

It is no secret that children thrive when they have structure. Implementing a reliable after-school routine can reduce stress and offer a sense of consistency in their day. Consider including a set time for homework as part of your household’s after-school routine.

A routine doesn’t have to be boring. Get your child involved in this new daily ritual by having them set up snacks or pick out music to play quietly in the background.


9. Let Your Child Play Teacher

You may be wondering how to avoid yelling at a child to do their homework, especially if they resist or act unruly at the mention of sitting down to work on their assignments. A great way of getting your child excited about doing their homework is letting them play teacher. After all, you wouldn’t yell at your teacher.

Having them teach you and a few stuffed animal friends how to work through their homework questions is a great way to boost their understanding of new concepts. Plus, it’s fun for kids to step into a leadership role, even just for an hour.


10. Utilize Professional Resources

It can be extremely frustrating trying to get a child to do their homework. As parents, it is crucial to stay calm and know when it is time to seek additional support. Reaching out to professional therapy services like Kids SPOT can help you find a solution that makes homework time less stressful.

Kids SPOT offers therapy and support for a wide range of developmental learning and physical challenges. Your child could benefit from working with a professional therapist to overcome their struggles and reach their developmental potential.

make homework more fun with Kids SPOT

Make Homework More Fun With Kids SPOT

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