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7 Tips for Parents with a Child Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy

Child with cerebral palsy

The specific cause of cerebral palsy is unknown according to the CDC, and it is usually diagnosed by the time a child is 2 years old. It happens to be the most common motor disability in children, and parents of these children need all the support they can find. Here are some valuable tips for parents with a child that was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Encourage Your Child To Be Active

Keeping your child active at whatever level they can perform is best for strengthening muscles and having fewer spasms.

Plan A Healthy Diet

Healthy, calcium-rich whole foods will help to strengthen muscles and bones.

Stay Positive

Avoid ever comparing what your child is able to do or accomplish with other children, even siblings, and don’t let your child go down that road either. If you stay positive, they will mirror your temperament.

In addition, foster your child’s independence and praise them no matter how small the accomplishment may be.

Practice Some At Home Therapy

You can supplement your child’s therapy at home under the guidance of therapists and doctors. You can help with exercises that build balance, strengthen muscles and reduce pain between therapy visits. These exercises also increase flexibility and motor development.

Learn As Much As You Can

No two children with CP are the same when it comes to movement issues and other kinds of disabilities. Find out everything you can about your child’s specific condition.

Network Whenever You Can

Being able to share challenges and solutions with other parents who have a child with cerebral palsy can provide tremendous support for you. Use opportunities at physician appointments or therapy sessions at TLC Pediatric Therapies to meet and talk with other parents.

Don’t Forget Yourself – The Caregiver

Having sufficient energy and stamina to care for a disabled child requires you to eat a healthy diet, manage your stress, and get enough sleep.

Ask for help when it gets to be too much, and take advantage of resources you can download here like The Cerebral Palsy Guide.

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